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The Analytics Consulting Team

Analytics Consulting (AC), a team within BNP Paribas to provide Business Intelligence, is looking for Data Scientists!

Positions available:

A typical AC project has three phases: the team starts by taking large data sources, typically unstructured and processes them using ETL techniques.
Then, it extracts actionable information (e.g. predictions) from the cleaned up data with ML and statistical tools.
Finally, the team presents the information and resulting insights to the final clients using interactive dashboards.

Do you share their curiosity? Then, find out more about what a Data Analyst, a Data Scientist, a Data Visualization Developer and a Full Stack Developer do!”

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The Global Client Analytics Team

Positions available:

The Global Markets Client Analytics team, with presence in EMEA, Americas and APAC, is responsible for providing data, insights and analysis to Global Markets Front office on client activity.
The consumers of this data and analysis are over 1000 Global Front Office users including Sales, Trading, Research and Senior Management.

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