A long term project finally happens. The missing link in the context of Physics Engineering.


Idealized by Physics Engineering students, the JEF initiative seeks to establish a network between students from different Universities and to bring Physics courses closer to their professional career options.

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26, 27 & 28 february 2018


Interdisciplinary Complex, IST


Attend seminars, visit laboratories, talk to alumni and researchers, and much more.


Directed to Physics and Physics Engineering students in Lisbon, but open to all interested (with a limited number of reservations).


Free entrance to all participants.


Click the following: Entry form for registration.

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  • Coffee-Break

    All participants can enjoy a coffee-break

  • Monitoring

    Over these days, the organization will be supervising the event and making sure it runs accordingly.

  • Organização

    All the arrangements are made by NFIST and its members


Without you, JEF wouldn't happen. It is made for you.

With the help of several universities, we hope to achieve our final aim: to creat a good, healthy team spirit among Physics and Physics Engineering students.

Last editions results' were positive, but we always want more. Such is only possible with your help.

Thank you to all participants.